Top 5 DeFi Projects to Watch Out for in 2022

By Aleksandra Wilson
3 min read October 29, 2021

Decentralized finance (DeFi) is still reigning as one of the most popular terms related to financial markets. The peer-to-peer network is becoming a regular part of a colorful cryptocurrency landscape, capturing the interest of traders and investors of all sorts As we slowly inch towards 2022, we decided to look at the top 5 DeFi projects set to dominate 2022.

DeFi Definition

Let’s have a quick reminder about some DeFi basics. DeFi wants to bring the convenience of peer-to-peer transactions to investors. Decentralized finance platforms develop a space for lending, borrowing, trading, saving, and profiting from interest. And without that pesky usual bureaucracy! DeFi harnesses the positive parts of efficiency and smart contracts, which are virtual contracts that live on the blockchain.

Decentralized finance aims to get rid of needless paperwork since it’s situated on a digital blockchain. That also means less time wasted on bank transactions. Also, DeFi is beloved for removing third parties and other human intermediaries, such as attorneys.

Top 5 DeFi Projects to Watch Out for in 2022

Here are some of the Top 5 DeFi Projects that experts have singled out as interesting for 2022:

Aave (AAVE)

Aave started out named as ETHLend, and is a pioneering decentralized financial platform on the marketplace. To be more exact, it is a decentralized liquidity space that lets you borrow assets and earn incentives on deposits. Lenders and borrowers get connected in this DeFi area and they have equal lending opportunities. And did you know you can get rewards and incentives by staking the AAVE coin on the Aave DeFi platform?

Avalanche (AVAX)

This project is hailed as one of the quickest smart contracts platforms in the blockchain sector. They are no strangers to non-fungible tokens, as well. Avalanche also teamed up with SushiSwap (SUSHI), Chainlink (LINK), and the Graph (GRT) for a seamless DeFi experience. You could say that Avalanche rivals the popular Ethereum. That is due to the fact that it also offers quick transactions that take a blink of an eye. The project recently acquired $230 million in funding to go on with its decentralized finance initiative.

Chainlink (LINK)

This DeFi system and project has the goal to connect digital contracts with real-world information via oracle tech. The project will also publish a Programmable Token Bridge that will bring in a new communication system between decentralized finance blockchains. That will assist decentralized finance to scale as it should and skip over some hurdles that kept other blockchain projects from properly developing.

Compound (COMP)

This DeFi project is ideal for lending and borrowing opportunities. When you make a deposit to this project, you get CTokens which are used to buy cryptos on the platforms. These CTokens are a stamp of approval that lets others know that you have staked assets in the network and can borrow. And a whopping $800 million is the number of the platform’s value now.

Band Protocol (BAND)

Band Protocol resembles Chainlink and rounds up our Top 10 DeFi Projects. It focuses on DeFi oracles and gathers real-world info, which goes to digital contracts on digital ledgers such as ETH and Cosmos. Since decentralized finance requires outside data, like weather reports and sports scores, transferred safely to blockchain space, Band Protocol will remain an important player in the decentralized playing field.

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