The Volatility of the Crypto Market in 2022

By Aleksandra Wilson
5 min read December 30, 2021

If we consider that equity investors had a good 2021, we can say the crypto investors had a terrific year. Some coins went up by 5,000-7,000%, returning mind-blowing profits for investors. Even cryptocurrencies like Ethereum and BTC surged 34-40% in 2021. However, the path to the top wasn’t a straight line, as with Bitcoin. The coin went up to one of its highest points right before crashing, losing more than 50% of its value, proving the volatility of the crypto market.

The fall happened in May-June after Elon Musk stated his concerns about the environmental impact of mining. Plus, around the same time, China, the most significant mining country at the time, started implementing new restrictions on crypto mining. These two factors combined created panic among investors, who rushed to sell. Some cryptocurrencies went down 30-40% in a matter of hours.

In September, buyers returned once the dust had settled down, and the price skyrocketed once more. By November, the cost of BTC hit a new historic high when it went up to $69,000, around 32% higher than the numbers from the beginning of 2021.

What to Expect from the Volatility of the Crypto Market in 2022?

The reality is that a lot of it will depend on new policies that governments are trying to implement worldwide. This year, with the banning of all crypto-related activities in China, we got to see the impact that such restrictions can have on the crypto space. If governments keep approving legislation to regulate the usage of crypto, for sure, the volatility of the crypto market will be affected. 

On the bright side, governments claim to be doing this to protect users from fraud or scamming. Therefore, governments are not trying to implement burdensome restrictions or ban the industry in most cases. 

Analysts say that as blockchain tech keeps evolving and getting a broader usage, countries like China that banned crypto activities will become isolated from the rest of the world. In other countries, like India, the governments are working on legislation to regulate only trading and the use of crypto.

Tips to Deal with the Volatility of the Crypto Market

We know that the crypto space can seem a bit scary and overwhelming, but it can be exciting just as much. After all, who wouldn’t like to learn a new way to make money? And we’ve all heard success stories about it. But with the industry growing faster than ever, where should you start? Considering fundamental factors such as legislation and the volatility of the crypto market, Cryptodigest put together a shortlist of basic things to consider before entering this high-risk arena.

Small amounts of investments.

Don’t get carried away by the significant percentages that reflect the growth of many coins. Although some have shown an increase of 5,000-6,000% only in the past few months, you should be careful with your investments. Keep in mind that as in any other industry, one should invest what one’s willing to lose. We strongly recommend you keep your cryptocurrency investments between the 10-15% range of your overall portfolio.

Learn to stomach the volatility of the crypto market.

This game involves high-reward high-risk, and whoever decides to invest in it must be able to digest that. As demonstrated in May, a fall of 70-80% is always a possibility. Bear in mind that even a more stable blue chip like BTC is currently 25% down from its peak in November. Only invest in this market if you can deal with extreme variations.

Choose the Right Platform.

The crypto industry is not regulated in many countries, and many platforms pop up every day. It would be better to invest through a trustworthy and established platform; that way, the risk of your money getting stuck if there’s a regulatory setback is lower.

Keep Your Focus on Blue Chips.

The crypto market also has mid-caps, blue chips, and penny cryptocurrency like the stock market. Avoid falling into the temptation of buying what could be obscure crypto only because their price is meager. More relevant coins may be more expensive, but they are also more stable. Gladly, there’s the chance of buying fractions of coins, so the price shouldn’t be the primary concern. The two main blue chips of the crypto market are Ethereum and Bitcoin, and together they drive the market sentiment.


The crypto space is changing fast, and the capacity of adaptation will be the main factor for success. The volatility of the crypto market will depend significantly on the decisions governments worldwide make. The new legislation will mark the path to follow, and only the protocols capable of adaptation will keep thriving in the industry. As usual, we recommend you read and learn more about the industry before making any investment decisions. You can learn more about crypto and how it works here.

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