The European Block Becomes the Strongest Crypto Economy

By Aleksandra Wilson
3 min read October 5, 2021

The central part of Europe, the West and the North, also known as the European block have reached the highest volume of digital trading currencies. That makes it the block with the most activity in crypto. A company specialized in blockchain analytics shared the news a few days ago through one of its reports. The report stated that the block received over $1 trillion in crypto only last year. That amount means that the region by itself represents 25% of the total activity in the crypto market

The Analysis Results Predict a Bright Future for the European Block

According to the report mentioned before, said block accomplished this due to a variety of factors. East Asia, the biggest longtime competitor , would always take the crown.Nonetheless, the main reason for the European block’s climb to the first place is the implementation of several new crypto regulations, especially those in China. Since July 2020, the activity in the crypto market has plummeted in the East Asian sector. Therefore, the region went down to third place on the list of most significant economies in the crypto space. North America, which holds second place, has a slower but more steady pace of growth.

The same analysis also revealed that the volume of transactions in the European block went up in a dramatic way. The block went up not only on digital assets but in services related to the industry as well. This finished the consolidation of the region in the world economy of cryptocurrencies. Additionally, them adopting crypto and starting implementing them into their day-to-day life makes a big statement. It means crypto is here to stay. Statistics show that Europe sent 25% of its crypto to other blocks around the world. As much as 34% of North America’s last year’s crypto acquisition came from Europe alone.

Investment Flow

There was a flow of institutions willing to invest, which provoked the excess of transactions. According to Chainalysis, $10 million was the total amount worth of said transactions. The crypto transactions made by institutions went from $1.4 billion to $46.3 billion in 12 months. Furthermore, institutional investors activity was responsible for over 50% of the crypto activity alone in the European block.

Most of those funds went to protocols in decentralized finance. Wrapped Ethereum and Ethereum are clear evidence of the info stated in the report. Bitcoin, stablecoins and altcoins went down 20%.

During those 12 months, DeFi protocols represent some of the five top services. Some protocols like Instadapp, UniSwapp, and dYdX are constantly on the Chainalysis list of the top services that got crypto-related transactions from the European block. The most searched centralized exchanges are Binance and Coinbase.

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