Sorare 101: A Beginner’s Guide

By Aleksandra Wilson
2 min read October 6, 2021

Fantasy Sports is a flourishing worldwide business. In 2019 its market size was around $19 billion, and it is expected to grow to $49 billion in six years. Usually, soccer or fantasy football experience allows users to select professional players of their choice, define lineups, and get points for the chosen players’ performance. 

With Sorare the situation is different. While being a fantasy success game at its core, it allows its users to select player names from a list at the time of the draft; users buy digital trading cards that can be tokenized on the blockchain of Ethereum. Users own non-fungible token cards that can be sold as collectibles, and they are the essence of Sorare’s fantasy process. In addition, there are prizes in the form of tokens and valuable cards. 

There is a crypto twist in addition to this web-based fantasy soccer game. Similar to other fantasy soccer, this game is about creating your lineup using pro soccer stars. The on-the-pitch stats of these players are translated into game points. The essence of the game is to beat other users by gathering more points. 

Sorare includes licensed players across hundreds of international teams from different leagues. Users can add to their team by means of obtaining digital trading cards. Among these teams are Liverpool FC, AC Milan, Juventus, Real Madrid and more. 

As we have already mentioned, this game offers numerous leagues you can sign up for. The moment you join a league, you can define a new lineup every play week using the previously purchased cards. When the play week is over, you can see all your game points based on the performance of real-world players. As a user of Sorare, these game points can be translated into ETH and valuable cards as rewards. 

There are a few things Sorare brings together that people are obsessed about – fantasy sports games, soccer, collectibles, and crypto NFTs. There is a real competition with a pronounced pay-to-win element.

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