Solana’s High Volatility

By Aleksandra Wilson
3 min read September 20, 2021

A couple of days ago, the token of Solana’s protocol, also known as Sol, went through sharp fluctuations in price. Solana’s high volatility was due to a flood in the network that took place this week. The token fell more than 15%; later on, it regained a lot of the losses. The asset fell as low as $142.86 a few days ago, at which point, the crypto had already lost about 16% after getting the intraday high amount of $171.48. All of this is according to data from Messari. 

At the beginning of September, it reached a new high of $214.36. By the time of the last crash, it had already fallen a bit more than 33%. The token started recovering soon after, and at the moment of this writing, it was trading at $159.11. 

The Difficulties That Caused Solana’s High Volatility 

The network experienced technical difficulties, and it went down soon after; this was announced on September 14. That’s when most of that day’s action in price took place. Around 8 am that morning, the network had produced the last block, then a bit after 11 am, the CEO posted a tweet addressing the difficulties. The message stated that bots were flooding the network through a DEX that was happening on Raydium. The last being an automated provider of liquidity and market maker built on Solana. Then finally, at 3 pm, the Solana Twitter account gave an update. The post declared that the network experienced increased transactions, which saturated the processing channel and caused the web to start forking.

The Analysts Opinion

Even though it’s true that the price of SOL went down during this incident, it had been experiencing a downward trend before. More than one analyst concludes that today’s price action is a combination of standard profit-taking and technical difficulties’ impact. They say that after SOL’s price got to its overbought level, it was customary for it to go down because of profit-taking. 

Despite the unfortunate situation, analysts generally provided an optimistic view on the future prospects of Solana’s project. Of course, what happened will still impact the token price, but they’re also confident about its comeback. They don’t believe it will affect the cryptocurrency long-term and set Ethereum’s early years as an example. Although, they also made it very clear that the project needs to get the network running fast. They believe that because of Solana’s high volatility, they may have a perception issue in the near future if they don’t fix this soon.


In this case, it has become evident that it is not the bug itself that caused Solana’s high volatility in the first place. Instead, people are more surprised that the reaction of the crypto community has come together to find a solution for it. Now the question is not if the Solana network will be able to fix it, but when. And when they do, it’s going to be soon enough for it not to suffer a lot of loss on the matter.

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