Singapore Plans to Become a Global Crypto Hub

By Aleksandra Wilson
3 min read November 3, 2021
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In the world of crypto, sudden shifts are the only thing you can count on. The mass popularization of crypto technology leads to entire countries changing their financial course and leaning towards crypto. The newest addition to the crypto team is Singapore.

The latest news gave us a clear insight into Singapore’s determination to become one of the leading crypto forces out there. Crypto-related businesses around the world keep wrestling with one of the fastest-growing fields in finance.

Compared to countries like China that are clamping down on crypto to sustain fraudulent activity, some countries embrace crypto, making way for new solutions that might give better long-term results. Crypto Digest covers the story of Singapore and its newly found crypto plan.

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Singapore’s Crypto Plan

Mr. Ravi Menon, the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) managing director, explains that the “clamp-down” approach isn’t the correct way to handle things. Instead of banning crypto, MAS is planning to enforce solid regulations. Subsequently, businesses, companies, and firms that comply with these requirements and face multiple risks regarding crypto can operate freely. 

The broader liberalization in the financial sector brings Singapore’s plans of building a digital infrastructure based on crypto technology. The country sees significant economic possibilities in crypto’s tokenized economy. Eventually, cross-border payments will come at a lower price, and hard physical assets will be traded differently. 

How Other’s Embraced Crypto

Not everyone had the same ideas regarding crypto. As we briefly mentioned, some countries had different, more restricting approaches. We have China cracking down on almost all crypto activities in the past couple of months, while Japan only allowed crypto investment funds recently.

On the other hand, El Salvador legalized Bitcoin as legal tender and embraced crypto in a completely opposite way. The United States has a variety of digital investment options with the ever-expanding asset class. However, regulators are worried about everything related to crypto, from yield-generating products to stablecoins. 

Singapore is taking a somewhat optimistic yet cautious approach. MAS believes that all crypto activity is a profitable future investment, a future that’s not clear at the moment. 

Singapore, Cryptocurrency

The Plans and Risks

As Ravi Menon explains, not getting into the game early on means instant disqualification. He believes that the country would be left behind if it had taken another route. Having a strong head start is the way to go. Therefore, if the new crypto technology is faced right at the beginning, it will be easier to spot the benefits, along with risks. 

Singapores’ stakes are high, as it has already established itself as one of the leading global wealth hubs. Raising safeguard is the primary action step. Counter risk measures will surely battle illicit flows that are highly possible in the crypto space.


Singapore and its plans to develop crypto technology, understand blockchain and smart contracts are only a preparation for a 3.0 Web version of the world, as Mr. Menon said. It is important to note that Singapore is not alone in its crypto plans. Various locations include Miami, El Salvador, Dubai, Malta, and Switzerland.

Ultimately, Singapore’s plans give us a rather interesting picture regarding the third generation of online services. With multiple countries having various approaches to this new technology, we have yet to see how the crypto future will unfold. One thing is certain, though; we will have a solid case study. If we know that crypto is here to stay, the only thing left to do is watch, learn and implement. 

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