Plasma Finance: The Next Big Thing in DeFi

By Aleksandra Wilson
4 min read December 15, 2021

In the last couple of years, the DeFi sector has grown significantly, paving the way for innovative protocols such as Plasma Finance. With a worth that surpasses the $270 billion mark, the DeFi projects have consolidated their position in the crypto space. Now, with Plasma Finance in the game, the projections for the industry are skyrocketing rapidly.

In spite of the increased interest in DeFi, it’s still only a niche sector, but Plasma Finance is now addressing the issue. The platform’s goal is to offer a streamlined and simplified experience for the user. The network utilizes DeFi protocols while offering analytics tools and some added features. By combining all that, the network gets the best of both worlds, DeFi, and traditional finance.

What Is Plasma Finance?

There are many inconveniences people face with all the intermediate steps for getting into DeFi. This is where Plasma Finance saw an opportunity. As a result of these limitations, we can conclude that there’s only so much growth that DeFi can have. There are a lot of users wanting to experiment with lending and yield farming, for example, but currently, it’s too complicated for newcomers. 

Plasma Finance offers a solution that would lower the barriers to getting into DeFi. The protocol supplies an interface to store, invest and manage DeFi crypto. 

What Does Plasma Finance Do?

Its most significant feature is to support payment cards issued by Mastercard and Visa, as well as bank accounts. One of the goals for the network is to offer top rates from major exchanges, and at the moment, it supports multiple crypto assets. 

It is possible for Plasma Finance to support those payment methods because of its partnerships. The collaborations are what makes the global support possible. The protocol’s most important partners are PlasmaPay, Ramp, and Simplex.

New Users

Ilia Maksimenka, current CEO and founder, thinks that DeFi protocols should compete with traditional institutions. Maksimenka believes that exchanges, banks, and conventional financial institutions are the main competitors since people use them daily.

The key to their success is the ease of using, which DeFi doesn’t possess, and that’s the first issue they’re trying to solve. Research made by the team in charge demonstrates that users benefit from familiarity. They can find it among the established interface models, such as the ones used by traditional services. 

Most users expect to have an experience similar to using an iPhone, but instead, new users find it hard to understand DeFi. That unfamiliarity translates into uncertainty and fear of losing money for the user. 

Advantages of Plasma Finance

The project’s primary goal is to help new users with the onboarding process by simplifying it, making the transition easier. The team worked on a step-by-step approach that starts with the process of downloading a wallet and linking a source of funding to get further access. 

Once the user completes those two simple steps, they’re granted access to the entire experience in one platform. By simplifying the access process, Plasma Finance is helping users from around the world to save time. Instead of researching hundreds of protocols and platforms, users can have it all in one place.

As another crucial point, the protocol provides fiat on-ramps for purchasing crypto in most countries around the globe. It includes a portfolio management tool, swap platforms, and decentralized exchange, among other features. Coupled with this, the team constantly performs audits on projects and labels them accordingly.


It’s safe to say that it will be impossible to ignore the DeFi industry in the following years, specifically by the traditional finance system. Its more efficient and thoughtful processes will make it an outstanding sector, not to mention the difference in rates compared to conventional finance. 

One thing is for sure; if everything keeps going as it has, the most significant protocols might become more prominent. That is the goal for Plasma Finance, to be the “retailer” users go to look at the offers out there. Think about it as a Spotify for the DeFi space and use it accordingly.

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