Haven (XHV) Protocol Labelled a Scam by the CommunityHaven (XHV) Protocol Labelled a Scam by the Community
By Crypto Digest - January 21, 2019

Havendev Protocol Pulls the first exit scheme of 2019. A member of the marketing team said the lead developer (havendev) has been out of contact for weeks despite multiple attempts to reach him, and is the only person with access to the code repository and has not opened it up to other developers. Later a developer agreed with this colleague, stating that havendev has not been transparent. Havendev replied to the allegations by stating that he will keep the code under wraps until it is ready to be released to the team so they may continue the project with new developers. The allegations have had their impact, Bittrex announced it will be removing the coin citing the complaints about the coin being a scam.