Mark Zuckerberg and His Crypto Plans

By Aleksandra Wilson
3 min read October 8, 2021

Before the Big Boom

Mark Zuckerberg, born in New York in 1984, developed an interest in technology and computers from an early age. At the age of 12, he created a program for messages called Zucknet, also computer games just for fun. Years later, he developed software that big companies such as Microsoft and AOL were interested in buying. He enrolled in Harvard University but dropped out to focus full-time on developing his new company, Facebook.

Facebook Conquering the World

Mark Zuckerberg, the co-founder of Facebook, the most famous social networking site, announced that they plan to transform the company into a metaverse. The info was made public through a statement claiming that the firm is looking to invest 50 million. The budget should be spent in the next two years, bringing the Facebook Metaverse to life. Such ambitious projects aim to create a platform that has it all, social media, games, working space, DeFi, crypto, and more. 

Is Mark Zuckerberg Ready For This Move?

Many experts in the field have stated their disapproval of this particular project. Even though this is not the first metaverse in the crypto space, it is still the first of its kind. Other social media pioneers who have also mentioned having plans of a similar kind  are only focusing on providing DeFi services that use Bitcoin. On the other hand, crypto platforms are not aiming to dabble into social networks. The idea of Mark Zuckerberg is to use his already well-established media to boost his new project. Unlike Ethereum, the most famous metaverse for crypto, the Facebook Metaverse will implement the most extensive social networks into the mix. 

With this move, the social network pioneer is trying to get ahead of the next stage of the Internet. It seems to be that they are trying to create a new trend before the rest of the platforms out there go in a different direction and their tools become obsolete.

The Main Concerns

The skepticism comes from the fact that Facebook has been breached several times and compromised user information. Not only has the social network been the target of scrutiny, Mark Zuckerberg himself has also been called to court. He has attended court to clarify data breaches, electoral manipulation, and the sale of private user information. Realistically there is a significant amount of distrust about anything related to Facebook. Although not only that but to Zuckerberg as well. 

Experts have advised him not to build this platform but to use the blockchain that already exists instead. Blockchain technology is a significant threat to social networks. Eventually, if they’re not able to adapt, they’ll most likely disappear. Will Zuckerberg be able to deliver his very ambitious metaverse or not  still remains to be seen. For sure, this young entrepreneur from New York is not going anywhere and will give us more to talk about in the future.

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