DeFi Net Value Approaches 200 Billion USD

By Aleksandra Wilson
3 min read September 13, 2021

How Did it Start?

The net value of DeFi went above $170 billion as other projects outside of Ethereum are becoming increasingly more vital. Despite the recent  $600 million hacks that cost Poly Network considerable money and an even more significant amount of users. The total value of decentralized finance got to an incredible USD 179.9 billion last week and is fast approaching the $200 billion mark. This is due to the significant momentum of growth that other DeFi projects, besides Ethereum, have been gaining during these last months. Currently, it’s Uniswap, the one dominating the second place with 3%.

According to the statistics, only during the last hours, the Total Value Locked (TVL) increased by 1%. It’s expected that it will keep growing at the same rate in the following days. After the already mentioned Uniswap, the decentralized finance app, Aave, is in charge of $16.04 billion, and Curve of $13.92 billion. This, considering that most of the TVL are actually locked into the reinforced app of Ethereum.

What About the Smaller Networks for DeFi? 

But nowadays, it’s not all about Ethereum. On the other hand, we have several other smaller networks contributing to the TVL. That is the case of Binance Smart Chain (BSC) that has a bit over $19.05 billion of the TVL. Terra follows BSC with 7.4 billion USD, then Polygon with 5.3 billion USD, Solana with a TVL of 2.36 billion. Not far below is Klaytn with a little over 1.29 billion USD total.

Other Platforms 

Now, we talk about the platforms for the exchange of DeFi; then we can conclude that Curve counts as the highest TVL. Currently, Curve has a TVL of 13.92 billion USD, and after it comes Pancakeswap 5.94 billion, driven by the BSC. And Uniswap, with a TVL of 5.3 billion USD. To set a better picture of the growth of decentralized finance, only for the chain of Ethereum, among 16 other different platforms of dex, statistics reflect that so far there was a total of 19 billion USD global worth of exchanges, only during the last week. Of course, Uniswap had the most considerable dex volume of them all, across all 16 platforms of dex, with 69.2%.

The Future

As you can see, Uniswap is the main dex of Ethereum. The statistics mentioned above prove that the decentralized exchange got about $12,952,621,793 in total trading transactions around the globe. A significant percentage of it comes straight from dex apps, but the rest is channeled through other aggregators of dex. Such is the case of 0x API, 1inch, Paraswap and Matcha. 

Another worth mentioning relevant statistic in the sector is the total of DeFi users or unique addresses in defi apps based on Ethereum. The last already went above the 3.3 million users. Today’s biggest loan apps include platforms like Compound, Aave, Anchor, Cream Finance and Venus respectively.

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