Cryptocurrency 101

By Aleksandra Wilson
2 min read August 10, 2021

An Intro to Cryptocurrency

In the last few years, technology has taken a significant role in our lives, cryptocurrency is part of it. Affecting and, most of the time, improving the way we deal with problems. The main advantage is that it offers new and fresh opportunities to make a living. 

How did it Start?

We’ve all heard about this industry that has grown tremendously, especially in recent years. But how did it all begin? Well, since 2009, when Bitcoin was launched, the whole industry skyrocketed. All of this, naturally followed by the flourishing of blockchain technology, resulted in the creation of thousands of projects. Also, different varieties of blockchain, and specifications.

About the Developers

Becoming a developer can be relatively easy if you’re a tech-savvy person. If that’s the case, you could get easily involved in constructing decentralized applications or helping the development of blockchain. Even improving the specifications of assets since multiple areas can be of interest to developers.


About the Traders

In many ways, trading crypto is very similar to trading stocks. The industry offers many different digital assets that change in price. The goal of cryptocurrency trading is to buy and sell a specific asset to obtain a profit at the end of the deal. This is also affected by the news; that way, they can decide based on expectations or hype. To better succeed in the cryptocurrency market, traders use price charts, follow patterns and indicators of price. Naturally, the main tool they use is technical analysis. Trading cryptocurrency may overlap the niche of the developers. Traders might like to get involved in building bots, chart indicators, or tools that could potentially improve their experience in the market.

Cryptocurrency Crypto Developers Traders

How is this regulated?

This particular subject has attracted a lot of attention, creating controversy. This has become an area of focus as the industry keeps growing and developing for years since it first started. The classifications for many cryptocurrency assets have not been clear. For example, Ethereum and Bitcoin are seen as commodities, but many other cryptocurrencies don’t have any specific classification that makes their regulation a legal limbo. The role of social media has been key to the crypto industry. As a result, a door for people to share with the world their experiences and thoughts. They are making it all easier for anyone to understand and learn about the subject.

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