Are Bitcoin’s Golden Days Still to Come?

By Aleksandra Wilson
3 min read August 23, 2021

A Bit of Background

We shouldn’t question why Bitcoin has had one of the biggest fallouts this year but look for reasons why the crypto market constantly falls. To deal with crypto is to deal with highly volatile financial assets. Bitcoin went from $64,000 to $37,000 in a month, and this doesn’t mean that the market bubble burst. This is not the first time it happens, nor will it be the last one, since it’s an item of constant speculation. It is the third time we have seen the burst of the crypto market bubble since it began. The fascinating thing is that the main reason why it collapsed every single time has been the same.

On May 12, Bitcoin, which represents over 40% of the cryptocurrency market in the world, collapsed 30%, reaching $30,000 per coin. Its lowest price since the beginning of the year. But since we live in a global economy, and it’s all connected, Bitcoin was not the only crypto to fall. Other currencies suffered a plunge, too; such was the case of Ethereum that dropped over 40%; Dogecoin and Binance about 30%. Bitcoin recovered a little bit by next Friday, reaching $37,000, still far from its highest-ever reached just a month before at $64,000. This exceptional growth is what allured a large number of professionals and inexpert speculators to make a quick profit. Those speculators get alarmed when awful news starts coming out, causing substantial market movements.


External Factors

On top of that, on May 12, Tesla CEO Elon Musk made a statement that caused another Bitcoin drop of 12%. He retracted in public the commitment of his company to accept Bitcoin as a payment method, claiming to have concerns about the “carbon footprint caused by the crypto.

Yet again, the Bitcoin price dropped, although not as dramatically as before, at the beginning of August. It somehow managed to recover by thousands of dollars last week and even went over the $40,000 barrier that it hadn’t been able to surpass since the significant fallout. On August 2nd, the coin was quoted a little over $39,000 because of tremendous withdrawals from investors. That caused yet another drop, caused by the analysts who follow others’ behavior and trends. However, it is a price way higher when compared to the one registered in mid-July, when it was below $30,000 a coin. The fall was caused by prohibitions in various countries, which generated a lack of trust in the market.


About The Future

Experts around the world have stated that Bitcoin’s golden days are still to come. The crypto has consecutively been rising for more than three consecutive weeks. It looks like it’s on its way to get the second successive month growing. After all, this has been the most significant spike since February when it was about to jump to historic highs. Experts are leaving most concerns aside for now. Instead, they’re setting bullish targets of price. What will the outcome be? It is yet to be seen; for sure, we’ll be hearing about this currency in the future.

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